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About the city of Kwekwe

Our City's BackGround

Kwekwe City Council is an Urban Local Authority established in terms of Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15) whose mandate is to provide local economic development, infrastructure development, social services such as decent housing and recreation facilities, water and sanitation, primary health provision as well as  rescue and emergency operations and public safety. The city is located in natural geographic region 4 and is equidistance the capital city Harare and the second largest city, Bulawayo. Kwekwe is deliminated into 14 wards which are represented by elected Councillors and 2 Members of Parliament representing the electorate.

Queque (derived from croaking frogs) was founded on ancient gold deposits around 1894 which culminated into the Globe and Phoenix mine, a British owned company. Locational advantages near the Sebakwe river triggered migration due to economic activity granting the status of a district. In 1902, Queque was elevated to a township and later in 1904 granted a Local Board, Village Management Board in 1914, Town Management Board in 1928 and in 1934 a Municipality. In 1980 the name changed from Queque to Kwekwe.

Due to high population influx, significant economic growth and a diversified economy had a positive multiplier effect leading to the granting of City status in 1996. The growth of major industries such as ZISCO, BIMCO, Lancashire Steel   and Sable Chemicals which were interlinked and interdependent led to the birth of processing as well as Small to Medium Enterprises creating employment for thousands supported by a vibrant Kwekwe Polytechnic College. As at 2012, population census the inhabitants in Kwekwe had ballooned to 100455 through births and immigration. The city is surrounded by rural communities such as Zhombe, Silobela and Gokwe, commercial farms around, artisanal and small scale farmers. Kwekwe is poised for major turnaround in its quest to provide inclusive service delivery to the community at value for money.

Investment Opportunities

Potential Investment Opportunities


Kwekwe City is right at the heart of Zimbabwe, which makes it easy to connect to any destination of the country. Its strategic location makes it ideal and convenient place to host national conferences, and for this reason the City has set aside two hectares piece of land for potential investors to put up a hotel and conference facility.


The City is the industrial hub of the country with a diverse industry – high carbon ferrochrome at ZIMASCO, wire making at Haggie Rand, ammonia nitrate fertiliser at Sable Chemicals, malt at the Kwekwe Delta Maltings Plant, which is the biggest in Southern Africa, Dairy Products at Dendairy and other downstream industries. Land is in abundance for industrial park development.


Zimbabwe has seen a booming construction industry in recent years. Kwekwe City intends to enter into a joint venture partnership with potential investors to mine quarry on a 10 hectare piece of land.


The City of Kwekwe operates 15mega litre per day biological nutrient removal (bnr) treatment plant.
The sewage treatment process produces sludge which can be settled in a biodigestor producing manure and methane gas
Methane gas can be used for cooking, heating, etc
Currently, methane gas is not being harvested, therefore, there is potential to harness the gas for commercial purposes thereby generating revenue
Basic infrastructure is already in place including biodigestor and gas holding tank.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Gold Mining and Beneficiation

Construction of mineral processing plants for gold and other related value addition facilities, particularly the construction of a jewellery manufacturing plant.


Construction of a Quarry stones crushing plant, bricks and precast units for roads, water and sewer network


To be the best run urban local authority in Zimbabwe and the SADC region by 2030


To deliver inclusive quality services to the community of Kwekwe economically, effectively, efficiently and to create a conducive investment environment.


The now City in Touch with Tomorrow


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Council Staff Members


Town Clerk - Dr Lucia Mkandhla (PHD NUST, MBA, FIPMZ)

Dr Lucia Mkandhla

Town Clerk

Rejoice Maweni

Director of Finance

Athanas Chidzurira

Acting Chamber Secretary

Edson Chiangwa



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