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Central Administration/Chamber Secretary

Central Administration


The department is responsible for overseeing the following key result areas and activities in council:

  • Secretarial, Legal and Administrative duties
  • Human Capital Planning, Resourcing and Management
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Security, and enforcement of council by-laws
  • Occupational health and Safety of all council employees
  • Prepares and distributes minutes of the proceedings of council, its committees and subcommittees and dry other ad hoc committees

  • Prepares and distributes agendas and notices of any Mayoral, council or committee meetings.

  • Gives legal advice on important Urban Council Act issues by referring to the relevant statues.

  • Signs agreement of sale and lease documents having checked that the agreements is in order before sending it to the Town Clerk for signing.

  • Signs cheques for the council

  • Spearheading information and public relations portfolio.

  • Handling all conveyancing matters and licence processing issues.

  • Presides over Council elections and other civic functions.

  • In charge of land sales

  • General administration of Council i.e maintenance of records and commitment registers’.

  • Enforcement of good corporate governance and best practices.

  • Ensure that council is manned by people with the right skills to perform assignment tasks effectively at any given time.

  • Administers council code of conduct and conditions of services to all council employees.

  • Spearheads collective bargaining committee meetings.

  • Presides / chairs disciplinary committee meetings.

  • Chairs union- management /works council meetings every month.

  • Signs all contract forms for contract employees by checking for compliance.

  • Approves leave forms for staff, approves claim form for travelling and subsistence (T&S) for employees in the departments and councillors.

  • Initiates and co-ordinates the budget preparation process within the budget preparation process within the department.
  • Ensure that the departmental expenditure is within budgetary provisions.
  • Ensure that resources requirements of the department are adequately budgeted for.
  • Receive verbal and written applications from prospective investors.
  • Developing the City’s Investments policy.
  • Encourages investment by putting advertisement in newspapers and also participating in investments fora like Kwekwe Expo, LOGIC, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.
  • Review Investment bronchures when necessary.
  • Reviews terms for prospective investors to facilitate the ease of doing business.
  • Co –ordinating and promoting investment in the city.

  • Formulation of security policies and strategies.

  • Enforcement of traffic by-laws with the entire city.

  • Municipal policing and provision of security of fixed assets.

  • Advising Council on security, security policies and strategies.

  • Provide civic education on security matters.

  • Ensure safety of council property and staff.

  • Fire prevention and protection.

  • Fire rescue and emergency operations.

  • Information dissemination on fire protection and prevention.

  • Attending to all fire and Road traffic accidents within the area of jurisdiction.

  • Liaising with external stakeholders e.g Civil Protection Unit.

  • Formulating workplace accidents preventing programmes.

  • Carrying out work place accident investigations and reporting them to NSSA.

  • Carrying out safety meetings and talks.

  • Carrying out routine safety inspections and SHE Audits.